Clear action bar button with confirm window

The point of this suggestion is not to get rid of unused spaces. its the ability to clear a bar of whats not needed. So people who like to have a bar for one type of skill or task can automatically get rid of of filled spaces that are not useful faster. the ability to auto generate a action bar based on a task "Crafting, Magic, Fight and Forage." would be useful for what Craftjenn has said. The idea to lock actions that are useful is a good idea. However the lock action would have to take place during creation of the skill or by right clicking and choosing to lock skill. A toggle button in the skill creation window would be usefull for this. Thanks to all who commented I like the input:)
Moniq's idea for for dropping all items that aren't locked is a great idea. Also the ability to sell all but locked would be useful and time saving:)
If control + drag added copys of a skill maybe control + alt + drag could delete spaces in that path. keep the ideas coming:) I may have to rename the thread.
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