Réunion des akenak du mercredi 10 novembre

"Thank you, you may leave!" announced Lyan Cexius, taking the document his assistant had just handed him, just before reading it and opening his eyes wide.
"But... what is this akenak doing? Has he lost his mind?"
The celiakos, overcome with anger, immediately grabbed a leather to express his displeasure:
Missive on official varinx leather addressed to akenakos Azazor

An akenakos* knows, in theory, the importance of discipline. But, considering what I just read signed by your hand, I wonder if you deserve to bear this title...
For, as you are quite rightly aware, the organization of assemblies is the prerogative of the celiakos** and of them alone!
However, in order not to aggravate the situation by showing signs of disagreement, this assembly will take place on the date fixed by you***. You will preside over it, but under my supervision! And it will be held in the palace as it should be!
If you show competence, perhaps you will finally be worthy of this glorious title.

Lyan Cexius, Celiakos

Lyan initialed his missive with an enraged gesture and handed it to his assistant, "Have it gone within the hour! This won't happen like that!"

* akenakos is the official title, akenak refers to the assembly itself but Fyros tend to use the shorter one.
** celiakos : senator
*** on , 10 November 2021 20:00:00 UTC (6 months ago)[/HRP]
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