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Action Bar #2 Update


What Hayt said does have some merit, currently you can do ctrl+# to swap to a page (e.g. ctrl+0 goes to page 10 on actionbar1)

Would need to add something like alt+# for the new pages 11-20

maybe ctrl-# and alt-# for actionbar1 1-20
and shift+ctrl-# and shift+alt-# for actionbar2 1-20

Yes, sorry, I'm talking more in terms of how to code this than how to use it and thus make confusion.

Currently, actions are a DB entry with 10 pages of 20 slots.

We have 2 options :
1 - Create a new DB entry with 10 pages and 20 slots and so have two independent DB entries, one for each actionbars
2 - Extend the current DB entry with 10 additional pages of 20 slots and display for actionbar#1 only the pages 1-10 and for actionbar#2 the pages 11-20

Both option are for the player exactly the same in terms of shortcuts, since each actionbar will have his own shortcuts to select the page (1-10) and to select the slot.

Now let's leave the code aside, yes it will be in terms of use 2 independent bars, each with their shortcuts :)
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