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Action Bar #2 Update

I prefer to approach an UI design from a user perspective - and then make the code to reflect that.

Currently we have:
In a single action bar, I access items via <num> or <shift>+<num>.
I switch action bars via <ctrl>+<num>

We have two ways we can extend that:
Adding additional action bars:
switching to further action bars IMHO should hence default to <ctrl>+<shift>+<num>.

Alternatively make a single action bar bigger. Then we can have 20 entries in a single action bar via
<shift> + <num>
<alt> + <num>
<alt> + <shift> + <num>

and keep changing action bars via <ctrl>+<num>.

Now, one or two action bars?
I'd like to make an argument for two separate action bars, individually configurable and selectable:

a) we already have two bars
b) this allows to have a few 'always-on' stanzas available while using the other more context-sensitive.

The point I don't yet have a good solution for is: this means basically it's action bars 0-9 for one bar and 10-19 for the other. People will want to be able to use either stanza selection on either bar. Maybe just iterating via mouse through them could work with the keyboard shortcuts only acting on one (without <alt> key) and the other (with <alt> key active)


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