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[DONE] Feature-Request: Poll-Function

I'm with Talya there. Please spare us the "10-votes"-system, I beg of you!

An integrated "Abstain-Option" would be really convenient, as well as an "Unlisted-option", I totally agree to that as well.

And to label either free accounts or paid accounts would be great too. Nobody likes his or her poll to be manipulated by masses of votes by fake-accounts. Of course I don't think many people would even think about this kind of cheating, but... well you know... just in case?

Oh yes, and please just one vote per account if possible, not per character. Very important note, thanks Jayce!

10 possible answers would be okay for every single poll, but I'd always appreciate more of those just to speak my mind. Creativity can know no bounds sometimes, especially when considering the sometimes over-active brains of us roleplayers... ;)

EDIT: wow, thank you very much for implementing this feature with really so many functions!
You guys are the best :D


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