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[SUGGESTION] concerning "hot disputes" in our forums

Hello Melikai,
thank you very much for your comment.
I hopefully am allowed to enlarge a bit upon your arguments with regards to your justifiable worries.

First off, since english is not my native tongue and this is a difficult topic where even little subtleties of words come to more importance, I often run into difficulties to find the word that suits my intention best :( .. I hope you and other readers will excuse my mistakes.

.. place for heated personal arguments, ..

First, and additionally to my text above, i'd like to take the opportunity and
clarify, that I don't want to support nor allow "real" anger, rude language, gross misconduct, personal arguments or even attacks, or anything similar that violates the existing code of conduct.
My post is about "non-destructive", "non-rude" confrontation and conflicts, it's about people being able to dispute on a "higher level", without excessive anger, rude language, but instead with challenging and keen (not callous or grim) arguments. It's about to vent someone's anger in a positive way - whereever the pressure comes from, it's there and it will often grow, harden fronts or make people to never talk, play or grind with each other again, but react annoyed whereever the other one shows up.
And it's about not to be forced to stay on topic toooo strictly.

I am not sure if just preventing it by "taking away the room" is better than giving the parties a chance to clear it up and put an end on their dispute on their own. I believe that the latter way gives them a better chance to (re-)harmonize with each other. The first one just cuts the contact and leaves things unfinished.
Thats why I ask for your comments.

the manager of the supermarket has enough sense to ask you to leave, rather than let you disturb all of his other previously happy customers further.

Yes, I agree with you. In a supermarket, everyone is "nearly forced" to hear and see what is happening around them, so it's easy for someone to disturb everyone with little effort, and important for the manager to get that one out.
On a forum, you have a choice, since nobody is forced to read anything or to take part anywhere. The mentioned indicators would also warn readers in advance. So nobody should be disturbed against their will, especially if these threads were put into a seperate section.

I hopefully didn't misunderstand you somewhere - please correct me if I did. :)

Thanks for reading,
best regards


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