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Sadly the smell and the noise of the farting apes in camp distracted me for a moment while making this set of Tryker Heal amps, and although I was succesful in boosting their already nice stats, my fingers slipped at a crucial stage in the crafting process and caused a degrade. 

The amps have 205hp and max sap load (3000). 

These amps were designed to allow two homina to more efficiently kill named and bosses by allowing the healer quickly throw effective nukes and heal spells.  Sadly the degrade means that q250 spells are now not possible with this set.  Nevertheless, they can still fulfill their original function.  Quality 200 spells are an exellent choice for two homina to kill q220 and some q270 bosses.  I also use q200 heal spells to keep the tank up for most q270 bosses, even when in a team of 3 or more. They are basic quality, so they do not look pretty.  Lost Girls craft for stats first.

Why then are we selling them, you may ask? Well.................. some evil homin, most likely a Matis!, broke into our Guild House and stole all of Marichia's dappers. We need to recoup the losses from this vile theft, preferably before Marichia notices they are gone.  Therefore, I am putting these amps up for auction.

[OOC Bidding starts at 500k. Auction ends 28/06/2015 at 18pm BST.]


#2 [en] 

*mails an offer for 500.001 dappers*


#3 [en] 



#4 [en] 

Perfect ! This one I want. I bid 1 000 000 dappers.

#5 [en] 

1 200 000 dappers


#6 Многоязычный 

1 500 000

#7 [en] 

1 600 000


#8 Многоязычный 

[Reminder: Auction ends 28/06/2015 at 18pm BST.  Will the winning bidder please contact either Lacuna or Marichia.]


#9 Многоязычный 

1 700 000

#10 [en] 

1 800 000


#11 [en] 

2000 000

#12 [en] 

2 100 000


#13 [en] 

2 500 000

#14 Многоязычный 

Ploop wins.


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