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Even though some of you have already met me I would like to present myself, personally and face to face, in game. I have already published a post on the forum, but you deserve to meet me in person so you can see that I am real and not an illusion.

Furthermore, I wish to talk about what is planned for the future within the Marauder Faction: both in short and long-term. I hope that in this way you can have a better view of the work I have started and continued. I will be pleased to listen to your questions and worries and I will try my best to answer them, since not all can be revealed yet. Soon....

In short, I want to:

Present myself and talk about what I do inside the Ryzom Team and which teams I belong to.
Give a general idea of the main projects that are already ongoing and tell at which point they are.
Listen to your questions.

I hope to meet those who are interested at , 7 Июля 2015 19:00:00 UTC (7 лет назад) in front of the Marauder Camp.

Have a good game on Atys and see you soon!

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