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One hand swords are a joy to use.  But boosting a parry one with max speed/damage and keeping the adv stats high, without using any expensive sup loot is trickier than a max dodge one.  We offer for auction a degraded version of our best effort so far.  Along with an impressive adv dodge stat it has a very good adv parry stat.  The parry stat is one point below the max available for an unboosted sword.  Granted it is not Vedice, but for a PvE weapon the extra damage and speed should somewhat compensate for this.

Please remember when bidding that, as usual, all proceeds go to the Lost Girls' Feed the Orphans Fund, so please bid generously.

[OOC Bidding starts at 1.5m.*  Auction ends 16/01/2016 at 18.00 UTC.]

*Yes this is a lot for a degrade but, aside from not being op, it is still better in every way to a unboosted q250 parry sword.

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