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Just kidding. I like grinding for my own stuff to start because, face it, we're mmorpg players and mmorpgs are all about grinding at the end of the day. Whether an online game is good or not depends on whether it's grind is relaxing or entertaining enough.

I like the art style in this game, cartoony design makes for games that age well. And the environments look good enough running on a potato.

Community is really nice for an mmorpg crowd.

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Welcome :D

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Welcome to the rootball! :-)


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You can't "complete" the mainland. If one thinks one has seen or done everything there, one is kidding oneself. But be prepared to "get out what you put in," because the mainland does not coddle or hold hands.
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Other games - they give you a cookie whether you succeed or not, in fact you don't even have to participate. Ryzom takes your cookie, eats it in front of you, and slaps you 2 or 3 times for bringing a cookie in the first place.

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Nice to see a new face =]

Did you know: you can craft with atys potatoes?


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I'm still working my way out of the newbie area, doing all the quests. It seems like all the materials you find are craftable, which is interesting. Seems like a very complex system you have going here.

Not too complex, I feel like I'd find it accessible after practicing it for a while.

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Hmmm... crafting.

No, in it's simplest form you can learn it easily with a little work.

Then you discover there are subtleties to it.

Have fun with exploring harvest and crafting.


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