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I am often puzzled as to whether a mission is truly broken or if circumstances (seasons, not fully killed spawn, whatever) are just preventing me from doing so.  I'll try and keep this post updated with post number, description and status.  Users can report their experiences and possible ease the burden on support staff if we can cut down on the number of mission submitted if answers can be found here.  Format I'll suggest is:

Post No. - Mission Giver - Allegiance  - Problem - Status

Strikethtough / Yellow Text means that this mission is no longer on DM List but is available still in game,

002 - C005V002_30992 - Clooclupp - Cuzans - Track a Kidinak ? - Confirmed (Task #6481)
006 - C011V001_30927 Unknown - Lagoon Brothers - Loot Level 240 (Great) Najab Skull and deliver to O'Arty Jichy - Reported
007 - Ba'Duffy Aeddan wants a medium parcel delivered to Clooclupp (Cuzans) - Clooclupp exists .. I have 4 map locations on IG map
010 - Be'massey Garmer' - Cuzans - loot 3 Wombai Skulls  213 or bigger - (Confirmed Task #9971)
011 - C011V002_31057 - Ba'Duffy Gaxy - Tryker - loot 3 Wombai Skulls  213 or bigger - To be confirmed
012 - C004V002_30990 - Clooclup - Cuzans - Kill 5 Kidinaks (Confirmed Task #9971)
013 - C011V002_31057 Clooclupp - Cuzans - Couldn't find any 197 Arma - To be Confirmed
014 - C011V007_30999 (Confirmed Task #9971)
016 - C011V003_31058  (Confirmed Task #9971)
017 - C003V003_31031 (Confirmed and Fixed)
019 - C0011V004_30928: No Wombai (Confirmed Task #9971)
020 - C011V007_31060
022 - C0011V001_30996
023  -C0011V002_31008
025 - C011V004_31188
039 - C0011V006_31147
041 - C004V001_31125

Summary (Thru Post No. 010):
Missions Reported: 7
Missions as yet Unresolved: 4
Missions Resolved: 1
Missions Requiring Repair: 2

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Clooclupp (Cuzans) wants to know if there are any Kidinaks and Najabs in Lagoons of Loria.  Najabs, yes ... Kibinaks, I don't think so

Mission No. C005V002_30992 ... got again on 2020-03-18

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I didn't find any Kidinaks in LL so by me it is confirmed and now part of task #6481

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There's 2 Kikiniak missions in LoL ... Jadeyn logged it I believe


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Yes, the other one I know is for Lagoon Brothers

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I didn't put the usual effort into this one ... only went up and down twice ... but was good amount of folks in region that stated "never seen a Great Najab on Loria.

EDIT:  Still not fixed, May 20

Odd that we can harvest mats out of region but not loot.

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I have this mission to deliver a pot to Clooclupp in LoL:

Can't get mission ID because the mission list refreshed.

I've looked 4 times in two days in most parts of Loria - with HA on, mounted, so I did check extensively.

Does this npc even exist?

In any case, even if the npc exists, he's too hard to find to make this a viable mission imho ;/

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Clooclupp... Hunter for the Cuzans.... found him near the WoM portal

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Clooclupp gave me the Kidniak mission in post 002.  I usually find him just south of the Cuzans Camp.... Checking BM, that's where they have him located.

Also seen up near Hush Hole, Watergate Border Post and south end of Lake Superior.

AFAIK, you can'; get the Mission ID from the Mission Window, only from the Daily Missions Window; to reopen the DM window (even after it has refreshed), click the "Mission Booklet" button above the mission in your screenshot.

I had run Cuzans fame to max about 2 weeks before DMs were introduced. I kinda liked Clooclupp missions cause he was rather easy to find compared to many others and never in a horde of aggro. Since DMS I have had a 3 missions w/ him.

Tips for finding NPCs.

1. Check BM Map and Silenda NPC Listing which links to Map

2. As you are perusing an area with compass at 250m, look for scroll icons on the compass. Plant a color coded flag (I use "citizen" category - white flag) with name, title and allegiance (i.e., "Clooclup, Hunter, Cuzans" . Later when you have a mission you can use the in game filters on the map window (? icon) to search via name, tribe or title.

3. Sometimes ya get lucky ... I had a mission like that 2 days ago... there was no blue flag for the delivery mission, but I also had to craft for the same guy ... and you do get a blue flag for craft missions.

4. For the wandering mission NPCs, you can get a list of wandering tribe NPC names from the Fame Bunny Tool. 5

Create a targeting macro with the 4 or so wandering NPCs from that tribe and as you run thru the region, spam it while also looking for scrolls on compass.

5. If ya have any buddies on line who worked tribe fame, send a PM and see if they flagged the dude / dudette ya looking for.

Here's what my LoL Map looks like with all the white flags being NPCs Name / title / affiliation) . Dark Purple is mission mats. Orange is Exe mats and the pink is dig grind mats ... dark orange is Gerder Poo ... just in case you were wondering :)

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I have tried this one three times ... no Voracious Wombai that I could find.  Tho I do seem to have vague recollection of seeing some down by kami TP by Wombai boss spawn ... perhaps they only appeared as minions at some point ?  I dont remember seeing any minions tho on recent kills.

Make that 4 times

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On the good side, I had a mission to deliver a package to Lookaash whom I found way up in north part of Hush Hole area in LoL NE of Loria Stronghold. been looking for that guy for years. On the down side had another go loot a Voracious mob in Loria (other than Bolobi) and have nor yet found Voracious Wombai and Arma or Great Najabs.


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Mission No C004V002_30990:   No Kidinaks


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Mission C011V002_31057

Duplicate of Post 11

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Mission C011V007_30999

Second Try at this ... .

0014 - Unknown - Cuzans - Couldn't find any 197 Arma or 213 Wombai - To be Confirmed (Both mobs in previously reported broken missions.

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C011V001_30927: can't be confirmed, I have found Great Najabs lvl 248 in LL
C011V002_31008: Confirmed by Beaujhangles and me, already part of task #6481
C004V002_30990: Confirmed by Beaujhangles, added to task #9971
C011V007_30999: Confirmed by Beaujhangles and me, added to task #9971

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