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Extracted from the letter of Nirni Zasti to her sister:
... You really don't have to worry about me, dear Lino. I know you were afraid when the Karan called us to arms. But the service in the Royal Army is my life, it is my destination. You remember how proud our father was when I told him I would join its ranks? And mother was just as worried as you are now, my beloved sister.

We were all eager to do the same as theTrykers and even these infamous Fyros have done in their lands. It was said that Karan Stevano wanted some scientific studies to be completed first before we could attack their mounds, but none of us had any doubts that we would have a battle against the Kitins soon. And when the day finally came, when our Karan called us to arms and to the procession of his army on Folially 28th in the first Cycle 2577*, we were filled not only with pride (and not with bloodlust - we are not as barbaric as the dust dwellers) but with a holy determination. Holy? Yes, dear Lino, we all felt this way. We are Jena's chosen nation! It is us, our people, who have to keep all of Atys from falling into the dull darkness and primitivity of the Kami demon leader!

However, we knew already that the main battle would take place in Knoll of Dissent. The army had built a camp there and the Kitin presence grew stronger there every day. When the day of the battle came, after the review, the forces of the Nobility, Royal Guilds and many volunteers from all nations were welcomed by the king; and what a surprise it was when his majesty told them he had a special mission for them while he himself would lead the army to the north...

(*) [OOC] The Royal Army and homins will gather at the main gate of Yrkanis on , 21 February 2014 20:00:00 UTC (8 years ago). It will be a fighting event against high level opponents. Low level players are cordially invited but are recommended to join a strongĀ  team. A teleporter pact for Knoll of Dissent (Kami or Karavan) will be necessary to join all parts of the event. [/OOC]

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