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Slowly, Sens walked past the booths of the Highmart District. After hours of thinking and planning together with Mabreka, the other sages, representatives from the Guild of Cho and the leaders of the city guards, they all needed a break. While the others retired to meditate, Sens preferred to let his mind be exercised by the sounds and scents of the bustling market.

The prices of the goods of daily life had risen since the invasion. Traders had problems with their exports - either the routes were blocked by white kitins or they had to pay an escort. Hunters disappeared or were attacked. The bodoc and yubo herds were decimated. It had become necessary to act.

While they already had a plan for clearing the mounds in and around the Cities of Intuition, it was still an open question how to find the Exterminator. The battles in the other nations had shown that they were leading the attacks, they were the coordinators and leaders of the invasion. The death of the Exterminator would make the Kitins retreat.

Sens stopped at a market stand offering fruits. As he thought he picked up one of them, rolling it gently in his hands.

The Kitins seemed to be learning. The Exterminator in Bounty Beaches had just joined the battle, but the Fyros had been forced to attack him at his mound. In the next battle the Royal Army in the Verdant Heights had to undertake a long and hard fight to extract the Exterminator from his tunnels. What reason would the Kitin leader have this time to even show himself to the homins? Probably he was hiding somewhere...

With a sigh he replaced the fruit in the basket and stepped back to continue with his walk. At that moment a young boy tried to run behind him, but instead collided with him, lost his balance and fell to the ground. Before Sens could bend down and help the little boy back to his feet, he had picked himself up and run towards his mother who was standing a few steps away from the Sage. For a moment Sens' gaze followed the little boy.

The woman immediately and profusely apologised for her son's actions, but the Sage just smiled. "I have to thank you and your son. May Ma-Duk bless you." He now knew what to do.

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