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Your queries are heared, craftsmen, We'll summaries them later.

Very soon the analysis of small recipes !


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Small recipe

Misugi / Placio

We already know Misugi's recipe, "small" version uses the same choices than its elder sister. Same materials but it lower quantity.

Placio on his side, is someone who dares making propositions. Those are his explanations :
1. The first criteria from phase 1 was durability. At 80 in a basic recipe this should result in 390hp (350hp if crafter does not have durability rite). I believe a better way to make more durable armors is to use the next skin up, medium quality HA. To get over 390hp on MQ would take only 52 pre-craft, allowing focus to be on other factors.

2. The second requirement was parry modifier. I think 75 is too low for Kitins, they hit hard and you want to parry and avoid being hit, rather than hoping armor will absorb enough damage. So of course 100%, +3 parry is the only way I can proceed.

3. Third is protection factor. This works in reverse to how we normally think. You want high PF if the mobs hits are low damage to absorb the greatest % possible. However Kitins hit hard, usually well over 1100 damage, so with big hits PF is not most important as the % will exceed Max vs pierce.

4. Finally is pierce protection. I did my best to max this stat while keeping 100 parry, but it would not work without extremely rare materials. So i just tried to get above 90 and called it a day.

Placio's reasoning is interesting. Obviously the recipe will ask for more materials, we'll see to what extend.
Aside from +3 parry, as Ingfarah's recipe we have +0 dodge, a fair resistance to slashing, and a piece which is pretty light -which will pleased some.

But ? isn't protection factor a bit low ? Placio's reasoning is right but start from the postulate that kitins strike far over 1100. off, as we said before, at S.K.A. (Sanekinion ten Kitina Aremei) we've ranked great kitins according to strength of their strike in - for the moment - 3 families :

- Class G (Great) : 1012 damage : Kincher, Kipucka, Kidinak, Kizoar.
- Class GS (soldier) : 1435 damage : Kirosta, Kinrey
- Class GE (extra) : various damage : Kipesta, Kiban, Kipee

This is each armors absorption against class G and GS :

r.misu || G : 1012x0.582 = 589 , GS : 1435x0.582 = 835 (threshold at 634) => 634
r.plac || G : 1012x0.513 = 519 , GS : 1435x0.513 = 736 (threshold at 643) => 643

Placio's recipe absorbs 70 points less against a kincher, 9 points more on a kirosta.

But do not forget parry ! will the extra bonus on Placio's recipe compensates protection factor deficits ? In any case it is obvious it will increase advantage against GS class.

To evaluate +6 gain that would features a complete armor from Placio's recipe in comparison to Misugi's one, we started from this document exhumed from relics of Wakwai monastary. Indeed they were Umaenai but in their time they were famous for the quality of their publications.

This grafitic shows how changes parry (or dodge) chances according to level difference between attacker and defender.

That come out from this document with a bit of Matemati, is that for a kitin in same levels than a mere fighter, 2 more parry points give 1% extra chance to avoid the hit.

So a complete armor from Placio's recipe would gives 3% (+6pt) chance of parry over a armor from Misugi.

Now in order to visualize the effect of all this, let's start the theorical test of "100 kitins' claws hits". S.K.A studies are still young but this would represent hits received within 2 minutes against 3 or 4 kitins. The array shows also the number of heals level 200 amplified at 100% (1390hp) neccessary to cover the wounds.

this is a indicative average, supposing we encounter as many class G as class GS


Let's have a look now on recipes composition, to evaluate feasibility

harvested supreme
r.misu : 8, r.plac : 8
looted excellent :
r.misu : 6, r.plac : 10
harvested excellent :
r.misu : 4, r.plac : 6

r.misu : sadichi/weebil, vispa, wikkah
r.plac : cetra, naka/lector, wikkah

Cetra is a big kipee form 250 primes root but easy to hunt because its walk-around is limited and close to teleport altars.
Placio's recipe asks for more materials but not the most uncommon.

As in former match it is on supreme repartition that we have a difference
r.misu : 8 surpreme materials of 5 different kind, of maxiumum quantity 2 each.
r.plac : 8 surpreme materials of 3 different kind, whose 6 moon resins.

For a same use, Placio's recipe would last 17.2% extra time. If Misugi's armor would last 12 seasons, it would be 14 for Placio's.
However the same phenomenon will occurs than Misugi/Ingfarah match if we compare the number of armor potentialy produced per season. The repartition proposed by Misugi is still to our eyes the best guarantee on feasibility.


r. Misugi | Ranks | r. Placio
A | Main features | A
A | Sec. features | A+
A | Low cost | B
A+ | Knowledge | A
B+ | Harmony | A+

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Result of the royal competition for heavy armor Matis

The Jury, composed of serae Zendae and ser Erminantius (1), considered a long time recipes of competitors in order to analyse their qualities and defects.

After a long deliberation, where recipes were compared from different angles, the jury has finally ranked them, although it was very difficult, seeing the various qualities of each recipes.

The ranking for the best small recipe is this one :

First : Ser Misugi
Second : Ser Placio
Third : Ser Ventron

En conclusion nous félicitons tout particulièrement ser Misugi qui a remporté le concours sur les deux recettes. Nous félicitons également tous les finalistes et nous remercions tous les participants à ce concours. Le jury remercie également serae Natala pour son aide sur la confection des morceaux d'armure.

To conclude we congrat specificaly ser Misugi who wins the contest on the both recipe. We congrat also all finalits et thank all people attending to this contest. The jury thank too serae Natala for her help on crafting armor pieces.

We invite ser Misugi, serae Ingfarah, ser Placio and ser Ventron to come to receive their prizes at next Karae court.
The Karae will offer
6 prizes to ser Misugi
2 prizes to ser Ventron
1 prize to serae Ingfarah
2 prize to ser Placio

1 prize = 100 choice materials or 10 excellent.

NB : we advice strongly guest to inform themself about habits and customs of Karae court in order that everything goes for the best.

(1) prolonged absence of ser Smoker

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Gratz Misugi!

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Virg shook his head in disbelief as he read the post on the notice board once a second time. They are claiming a recipe that is cumbersome and difficult to dodge in is the best armour? Also Placio's favoured fighting Kitin Patrols by a Tryker mile. He chuckled to himself, thinking in his head, Do these homins know nothing of combat? If all these matisians do is run around trying to parry everything no wonder why their city was nearly overrun with kitins..He walked away still a little confused.. Two things were clear to him, for all their self-claimed finesse, these matisians just ran around trying to smash things like the Fyros and clearly these homins had never solo'd a kitin patrol.



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Thank you, congratulations to you Placio :)
And congratulations to all!
Thank you to the organizers!

Another detailed report very interesting reading.
I imagine that the final decision had to be hard to take, both large as small recipe.
I will not miss the appointment with the Karae.

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Deux lucios en souvenir de la soirée "récompenses".
Merci encore aux organisateurs !


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