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Agenda of the Court of the Karae (2017/04/20)


- Applications.

Royal Minstrels:
- Applications.

- New poems or songs.

- Update on the building project of a vegetal wall around Yrkanis

- Choice of the site of the future Nursery.

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“Mother, may I bother you?”
“Please, Aniro.”
“I received this epistle from the Alkiane Order.”
Aniro handed the letter to his mother and silently waited for her to read it. He had absolute confidence in the insight of the Karae and her ability to read between the lines.
The Karae lifted her head.
“I am intrigued by this 'international scientific body'. If this is to be science, I think the Order should come to my Court. So, would you please summon them, Aniro ? I will have the publication of the agenda changed.”
“Let it be done according to your wishes, Mother!”

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Agenda of the Court of the Karae - 5h - Prima, Frutor 1, 2nd AC 2611

  • Applications
  • Next festivities

  • Report of the Nexus flora exploration required during the previous Court
  • Organisation of a botanical study tour in Nexus
  • Communication from the Alkiane Order

  • Map of the Tunnel of Woe and SKA studies

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Mystia 30, 2611-2 - Epistle to Tamiela Karae
Votre Majesté,

You will find herewith a report of Your Court assembled on last Fallenor 13, a report whose voluntarily summary form (minutes transcribed almost as they are, in Avalean only) wants to manifest the deep dissatisfaction of the Alkiane Order.
I will not insult Your perspicacity by detailing here the reasons for this discontent, but the Order has instructed me to make known to Your Majesty that it felt it affront to be exhorted to become a waged digger just as it came to propose the Kingdom to carry out a project suitable of restoring its prestige among the homin nations.

Matis Aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec
Bohorën of Alkiane
His Majesty's Ambassador to the Federation of Naw Trykoth

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Nae Karae

I am coming back to you for the mission you have entrusted to me.
The archives I was able to search did not reveal anything to me, so I asked for an appointment with Ser Zo'ro Argh, the Ranger Observer, who himself referred me to Serae Do'ro Thée and Daniellea.
They possessed little but it was deduced that Svaldi Bucci may have been the archivist of the organization that preceded the Atys Rangers, before the second swarm.
Therefore, if the facts go back to before the second swarm, I am unlikely to be able to find out more in the archives.
However, the information could surely be obtained more reliably from the main interested party, the head of the Ranger organization, Serae Dradius.

Would you allow me, Nae Karae, to request an interview with Serae Dradius on my behalf as your Lady-in-Waiting? I could then give a much more precise answer to Your Majesty.

Pending your agreement,

Jena Aiye, Karae Aiye

Liosta Be’Zephy
Karae’s Lady-in-Waiting


Liosta Be'Zephy
Dame de Compagnie de la Karae Tamiela

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The Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani reread the epistle of her last Lady-in-Waiting to date and smiles with a bit of melancholy. Such enthusiasm betrayed her Tryker ancestry. But with enough restraint not to inadvertently place her Karae in an awkward position.
She took an izam quill and wrote a brief reply.
Serae Liosta Be'Zephy,

I am willingly allowing you to carry out any action required for the achievement of the mission I have entrusted you with. I know that I can rely on you to conduct yourself at all times and in all places as a worthy member of my Court, and that nothing in your behavior will give me reason to regret having chosen you as Lady-in-Waiting.

Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani
Karae of the Verdant Heights Kingdom

She proofread and sealed the letter, then signaled to a servitor who quickly went off for deliver it to the addressee.
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