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Good Day and hugss everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
This is a very hard post to write.
I have been with Ryzom since we started beta testing it. In fact, my husband use to tease me on how much time I spent, maybe tease is not quite the word.  But we had many words.
I want to say it was around 2003, and then played 2004 and became a CSR in Apr 2005.  One of the most exciting things to happen.
I have seen many people and staff come and go,  I had hoped that I would be here until the very end.  But as I get older, really older, much older, I find it is harder to keep up with the changes that occur.  I feel I am no longer useful, so I have decided to retire from the Support Team.  The Support Team is awesome.  They work hard, as do the Event Team and all the other ones.  But Support Team is better than most in other games, and I have played a lot.
I will always remember you all.  I have always cared about all of the players, and I have done the best I could.
I want to thank everyone Support, Events, and all for all the help they have given to me.  I will really miss them every day.
It was a hard decision a very hard one, the tears are still flowing.  But I will still be in game.  My player has suffered from neglect and think I might have to restart one.  
So I won't be entirely gone, but just won't be able to greet you all every morning.
There are really to many to list but you know who you are that are on early in the morning.
So see you all in game, tho you won't know who I am :slightly_smiling_face:
Giant hugss everyone, Love you all. You are my family.
GM Sengosha

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*Hugsss Sengosha!*

It wouldn't be that hard to know who you're IG. Just look for someone who gives *hugs* every time she logs on!

Your work is much appreciated, you've always brought love and positivity to Univers. I am glad that you'll still be among us, that's all what matter! See you IG!

*Hugsss Sengosha!*

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Sometimes I wake up on and just barely miss you (we are on at different times now)

You have always been a wonderful friend to all Homins and Hominas, we will miss you.

Yenno had the courage to say hi and thank you to you so I'll follow his lead.

It would be a great honor to run into you in game and get to help you like you helped us all , even if I don't know who you are.

Your heart is part of Atys now thank you for all your years of loving service.



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Oh Sengy this sad news to us too. We appreciate you soo much, you've been around forever. You are a familiar face to the support team and one that will be missed. But there is some comfort in knowing you are still in game. And if you are still with us, the game has not lost you. You may not remember me, but that's not important. I remember you and all you've done for this community. Thank you!

PS if your player needs a home we'd love to have you. :P


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Happy to learn you will still be "lurking" around as a new player, but I also would like to express my thanks for all the hugs and help in game for the many years. :)

Take care and please have fun playing ryzom with less stress... :)
Wish you all the best!!!

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Well, Morning time is relative... I am probably not on in your morning, however, I did have a number of chances to get to have fun when you were around. Loved when you pulled Giant Yubos or tiny Vorkoos out of thin air. Or little tiny kincher and big big Frippos were always a treat to see! lol

We will miss your CSR'ing for us, it was a lot of fun and appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work. To you it was probably not work, probably fun too by your attitude in the game. However, please don't feel like you are not useful, I think you are my favorite CSR even though I don't know you to well. I have only been playing since 2010.

Think of all the wisdom of Atys you have gained from the beggining. It is information you can share with new ones helping out now.

It is non-the-less nice to hear you are sticking around, but 'differently.' I am happy to hear that :D so, Please have fun while actually playing the game again, and don't hesitate to help again! Hope to see you out there on the rootball Sengosha.

*Great big Hugs!*


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Thanks for contributing all these year for the game we love. I hope you still have lots of fun with us in the years to come.



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From CSR Interviews (SoA Special Edition: Atrium Keepers) , by Trixie on 27-11-2006


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I forgot all about the article Trixie had done. Wow, that was a long time ago.
Thanks Loved for bringing back my memories. hugss

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Evil Hugs:-)


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))

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I did not know you a lot, Sengosha, but in my mind, with your maternal presence, you were as Jena on the Bark. :unhappy:

Live is live, and anything has a end. Thanks for all, good luck for Sengosha's anima, and, why not, maybe we meet soon your avatar between us :)

(Sorry for my English, hope it gives you at least some smile)


Zo'ro Argh
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So many nice words, thanks so much and hugss. I am so glad you had Trixie's interview, Loved. several of us had forgotten about that.
hugs to you Agan.
hugs to you Zorroargh

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Just have to hug, can't control it.
hugss Yenno will miss you. :) You can be sweet :)
hugss Chilindrina think I spelled that right.
hugss mainpixels
hugss Naema you are sweet. :)
hugss Dinorath.

ok, hope I hugged everyone, hate to miss any. :)

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Thank you for all the good times, Senny. GM mountain will not be the same without you.

Take care and all the best. *hugs*

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Silver lining.

Now you get to relax and enjoy the game. And we can always use another knowledgeable voice in Uni answering the questions of new blood.
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