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Hi everyone there are some sets of q80-100 jewels in all 4 capitals, they are focus and mostly in fyros plans, one set is purple (zorai).

Jewels of 80-100 require level 55-75 to wear (your highest level +25)

This is just to help anyone start who has been doing new horizons for dappers and doesn't really want to join a guild yet, feel committed because of taking free things, or people who just like to shop

I'm currently wearing q171-q176 degrades from someone who sold in zora, I encourage anyone to sell their degrades, the worst that can happen is they will sell to merchant

While it's true that it's easy to get things from masters, some would prefer not to ask. These are for you.

Keep working on your levels, you too will make your own things for others to use one day.

Cofounder of Nomads

If you don't know how to make at least 108k per day easily even at level 1 (on mainland) to shop with, please feel free to send a mail or a tell in game (I AFK a lot, don't feel bad if I don't reply)

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