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Returning player from 2004 looking for social\active guild. :)

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Welcome back.

Any preference on Kami/Karavan/Neutral? We also have a new option since you left; Marauder. It's tricky to manage and you will be KoS in all major cities, but they have a little camp in Hidden Source so you can still hit the trainers, have an apartment, etcetera.


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Hi Gidget,

Thank you. No real preference. Just overall social\activity level.

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Hi and welcome back..!!

Grave of the Fire Flies is a pretty active guild.. we do lots, ie Bosses, Named, NPC hunts.. as well as a lot of great crafters.

We are Kami / Nuetral



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Rift Walkers is also pretty active, likes to hunt, and has a number of master crafters. We have a few PvP-lovers too, if you're into that.

We are Karavan/Matis.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Hi Seleena,

Thank you! Appreciate the responses guys.

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Hi Tytefate

Was that your name back in 2004? Doesn't ring a bell but my memory isn't the best lol. How long did you play for?

Always good to see players returning to the root ball, welcome back. :o)


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Welcome back

Try ro use RyGReg app in appzone or run command "/appzone 1947". APi is currently down, but the database is normally available. You can list and search all currently existing guilds, about 25% have some additional details filled. Maybe it will help you to find old friends and known guilds.

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Hello Neela and Moniq,

Thanks for the info Moniq!! Will try out the App.

Neela--I joined right after release barely missing that Elder title ;) I was in OmegaV I believe Thara was GM with Basic and ...Temperrr I believe her name was and ...Posmo were Officers and I played for 1.5 -2 years and then logged back in every couple of years.

Great to meet you all.

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Welcome back Tytefate =)

Please give Nomads a read-over

We're a lot more laid back, fairly active, but again very laid back. If you're looking for more prime roots sups bosses etc, we won't be for you but if you like to put your feet up and do what you feel like, please feel welcome to visit us


Nomads info

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Hello Loved,

Was great talking to you! Thanks for the warm welcome. Will check it out.

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Welcome back Tytefate :-)
Always good to see a player returning. I think it valudates our collective madness. You will find some names you recognise I hope and new friends along the way.


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