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Hi there, I am looking for some people to play with! We all know that playing alone is never fun! I will say starting out, this world is amazing and I look forward to meeting all people! Feel free to seek me out or respond and I'll try to seek you....that is, once I have learned the ropes~~ Hope to hear rom you all soon! ;D

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Good luck when you find a team with which to play.

I am in a guild (the best guild on Atys), but I generally play alone because I am not logged on very long at any given day. And in my opinion, FOR ME, it is fun to play with myself... ummm..... play alone, I should say.

Also, welcome to Ryzom, the "rootball", the "that game whose name we do not mention but rhymes with COW" MMORPG.


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Welcome Chihi :-)

It is good to team up with other players and you will have fun doing that but also you can explore on your own - this is a Sandbox after all and you don't have to do missions etc to have fun.

If you need help just ask.  We like to help each other here.


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Well, welcome and do have fun! =)


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Welcome Chihi!


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