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C'est le mix entre Tatie Danielle et Dorothée avec un soupçon de Jean-Claude van Damme, mais ou est donc passé Alan Turing?


#272 [fr] 

Non mais grave Sinvader. J'ai essayé pourtant, mais j'ai rien pigé (ou si peu). C'est sympa de faire de l'humour Kosuy, mais faut pas trop pousser, au risque d'être incompréhensible. :/


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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The channel information supposed to appear the first time you open (switch to) the channel in current session. And it seems to be working this way for me.

Same for everybody as far as i know.  But it's not about the "appearing" ... it's about it never "disappearing".  I apologize if I wasn't clear or somethin got lost in translation.  The chat boxes default behavior is to scroll with the most recent message at the bottom.  The Welcome message disables the scroll and the welcome message just sits there.

Log in at 12:00, go to Universe and see (assuming you have time stamp on) 12:01 [Chat welcome message] ... come back 6 hours later ... it'ts still there ... come back another 4 hours later ... it's still there.

If I type a message, then it wil scroll ... so rather than spam all 4 chat chennel (E-Uni has no message), I just hit the spacebar / return and I post a blank message which now gives me back the scrolling function.


#274 [en] 

that doesn't happen with my ( linux ) client freddy. info messages appear in the windows when i log in, and they behave exactly like other messages. they scroll up and away as new messages appear.

#275 [en] 

Check if you have any personal files (like mods) in the user/ folder, and do a patch again removing the files in unpack/


#276 [en] 

If it was a personal files thing, it would not be affecting so many players. Whatever it was, it has since been fixed as of the last reboot. Thanks Devs ... much appreciated.


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If dailies are the new way to get points to buy cristals, focus on making them fun..


some dailies in PVP areas? I mean why not... optional missions anyway.
some dailies require a team not just solo.. and somehow the "enemies" should have a penalty if they help (at the very least not getting any rewards) to also keep the RP rolling
some dailies require to kill a new rare spawn, doesnt have to drop supremes just intended for the mission(s).

If these sound too dull/boring, please ignore. tnx


Je suis le début de la fin, l'ombre qui cache le soleil, le beffroi qui sonne votre glas.

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With the disappearring Zigs / Mounts and Packers ... playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.   I would like to know what the missing animals are ?

Mount 1 - Mektoub
Mount 2 - Gubani
Mount 3 - White Gubani
Mount 4 - Arma ?

Packer 1 - Mektoub
Packer 2 - Mektoub
Packer 3 - Mektoub
Packer 4 -  ?

Zig 1 - Gubunny
Zig 2 - Frippo
Zig 3 - ?


#279 [en] 

playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.
Mount1..Mount4 is same as Packer1..Packer4, just named differently. If you buy packer-mount-packer-packer, then you have packer1-mount2-packer3-packer4 in inventory window.



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Much thx ... but you kno what was most enticing answer I was hopin would slip .... can we really have 3 Zigs and what is the 3rd one :) Don't answer till afyer I get you in the FH bar and 7 or 8 rounds in ya :)


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Thot I started a new Thread for 2020 but can't find it.  These are the ones I can remeber from the "running list" of dreams I have pondered over the years/

1.  For the Nexus Event, every time the 20 hour cooldown expires, recreate the visual and sound cues from the barkquake event as "aftershocks".  Would allow those in western hemisphere to experience the effects since most all were at works, fits well in the story line and serve as an "alarm clock" when peeps can go record another marker.

2.  Rebalance Event Wheel rewards.  Often when the pendulum swings to far in one direction, tweaking that in response to observations sometimes results in an over-correction, swinging the other way.   The egg rewards were plentiful enough and i thought the event team did a great job making the event more accessible and rewarding for low level players.  Previous events allowed higher level players to reap ridiculous amounts of rewards.  However, the upper level players got shorted this time around ...

I wasn't particularly interested in chasing eggs as a task in and of itself but while trekking to designated locations doing DMs, might as well blast some eggs while running.   So I was doing this for the week or so every day while it lasted.   I walked away withn just over 1 stack of 250 Wundahmat.  Certainly disappointing, especially coinsidering i spent more time destroying "rewards" then doing anything else.

3.a  Along the lines of the above, it would be great if the game could detect player levels and parcel out rewards as appropriate.   If the decision is a player working an event should be able to collect half a stack per day of Wundahmat of varous types, then if the player is 250 in x number of craft trees, only give that player 1/10th oif a stack and not all the lower levels that they can't use and will spend precious hours of play time avoiding.

3.b  Provide a check box screen like for DMs where the player can just say, I only wanna see those items for which I checked a box.

3.c   Provide a Reward materials exchange merchant where mats could traded ... 5 stacks of QL 50 gets you 1 stack of 250s, etc

4.  Ability to Trade Wheel Rewards

5.  As a reward for mastering all occs, once all 8 occs are done, allow the player to have 4 concurrent occs as opposed to 3... it will encorage advancement and makes the system easier to navigate as alternating 3 out of 8 occupations isn't a good fit.  Alternating 4 x 2 allows one to alternate with having to keep a desktop calander or spreadsheet to schedules ones efforts.

6.  Provide an explanation of bonises on DMs ... I get a lot of questions like "How come I get the same reewards for level 50 missions as 250 missions ... Change limit on occupations once mastered to 4.

7.  Fix craft mission hand in thing so don't have to be done in order and that completing 2 missions at same time steals on of yoiur rewards.

8.  Add the abilyty to use Missioin mat Pigments in crafting.

9.  If we can'r trade wheel rewards, let is limit wheel reward options w/ checkboxes like on Daily Missions (SDon't give mes stuff i don't want)

10.  Guild / Faction Info on Fiends list

11.   Destroy all mission mats in bag option

12.  Mini NPC "action figures" (drops) from Sirgio for apartment ... cpoiuld also be made available from Wheel

13.  Ability to add (safe) files to forum .. PDF, xls, etc.

14.  Keep list of Dynamic Events held

15.   When editing say a 225 Double Poison spell, let the default be to keep the level fixed, instead of dropping to level 5 when ya wanna swich because of mob resistance.

16.  When ones becomes Spirit of the Bark, give them sn ectra focus buff of 6 points so they could go all out Gentle with a 276 (now max is 270) Focus credit.

17.  This one is 16+ years old ... during Focus Beta, had suggested that we drop magicians staffs and instead have "Magic Gloves which woul "amplify" the power of spells up to 100%  .... and magic "Greaves oif Steele" which would amplify the power of melee attacks by up to 100%.  Well everyone knows the amp idea was implements ... it would round out the craft trees to have a 40th craft tree instead of 39 and would allow a new round of experiementation in crafting and melee techniques.  Of course base damage would have to be adjusted proportionately.

18.  The ability to obtain Sigils and imprint them on breast plates and sheilds

19.  Advanced Occupation to bring back ability to improve NPC Crystals

20.  Advanced Occupation to improve OP mats.

21.  Since recipies for Occuations are stored in game, how about an option to "Use Best Recipe" instead or having to do the clickety click 7 times and punching the desk when you misclick on a wrong number.

22.  Fix the "Knowledge of Atys' number in Identity / Advanced Stats window ... so I don't have 8/7 numbers.

23.  Balance the Occupation Special Items ... everyone has too many ambers and too little waters. 

If ya gonna get 4 Lucky Flowers and ya have a 50-50 chance of needing an Amber or a Water ... then ya need 2 Waters and 2 Ambers.   Ya wind up with 2 extra Ambers every time you spend 4 Flowers.   Fix it to 2 Ambers and 2 Waters per visit.

24.  Fix the lack of compass icons for NPCs from Primitive Tribes.

25.  Please fix the OP Popup.

a)  The message does not match the options:   "If you do not choose, you will be decalred automatically neutral in x seconds"


b)  I was going to take a screenie but thee system descided for me .... with 3 seconds left, a OP icon appeared over my head.

26.  Compass icon for Hawkers

27. A visible circle around the toon's position on map that matches the compass range setting.

28. Guild property - The ability to designate special items as Guild property, whereby if a player does not log on for xxx days, it reverts back to Guild Storage.

29. A way to filter map flags (landmarks) by more categories category, sort of like we do communication channels

NPCs - [ x ]
Mission Mats - [ x ]
Craft Mats (B-F-C) - [ x ]
Craft Mats (E-S) - [ x ]
Named / Bosses - [ x ]
TPs / Portals - [ x ]

30.  Ability tp use 3D Map In Game.

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I have ALWAYS asked for scantilly-clad, large {sweatered} dancing girls, but other than the Fyros females, I haven't seen anything.

But that just me.....


I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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marauder occs



#284 [en] 

marauder occs

I read this as marauder CROCS *facepalm* I hate me. xD

I would love to see more of the encyclopedia filled in and new armor patterns >.>


Homin Reaper Karavan

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I would love to see more of the encyclopedia filled in [/quote]

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