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I'm back to the game after years, I have an active account now and I sent an e-mail requesting the restoration of my Old characters as described here #1 .

I played when the game came back years ago for some days but I did not play with my old character, at the time I created a new one in an empty slot and I tried the free to play but I did not activate the account in this period

Now i'm back, with an active account and my character list is empty.
I emailed on Saturday requesting the old characters back. So far I have not received any response or confirmation that it was received.

I'm playing with a new temp character right now.

How long does this process take?


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Hallo Ertroon, welcome back.

I am sorry there is a delay with your request. Ceryziel has notified the Ryzom team about your problem, however no SGM was around by that time. It seems the problem is that regular CSR are not able to help you because the restoration requires higher priviledges.

I will try to find out if anyone already takes care about your problem or find any Senior GM to solve it as soon as possible.

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Hello Ertroon,

we have well received your yesterday's mail in the middle of the night, our time :-)

As Moniq already stated, a restoration requires a higher powered CSR (Customer Support Representative). So it might take a bit of time until a restoration can be completed.

However, your characters are now restored and we like to ask you to check your mail for further information about your restoration


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