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I would like to propose to be able to choose, at the time of the creation of our character, a difficulty mode.

There would be a "Normal" mode and an "Hardcore" mode... or others if possible in between.

The "Normal" mode would be like what we know today. We can buy pacts from the K/K powers. We can move and resurrect.

The "Hardcore" mode allows you to buy pacts from these powers to transport. But not to resurrect! Once the timer has expired - your character is lost!


A character who has chosen the normal mode would not see any change.

A character who has chosen the "Hardcore" mode would be deleted if he cannot be cured before the end of his coma.

!! Being in a coma would not erase your character but allows you to be cured before the timer ends.
!! It is a personal choice at the time of character creation


This is a new challenge that would allow many players to play completely differently - because we really don't play the same way in permadeath.

This can give a new meaning to rerolls that will have an additional challenge to meet (especially for old accounts

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Same for PvP?

Timer is actually 3mn if i remember, it should be increased if the death is perma, maybe 10mn or so.

Otherwise your idea is already implemented in the code by the way.
It was planned to allow player to buy a resurection pact, in case you are running out of these special pacts, you would die :)

Judged too hardcore, nowaday the only pact are teleportation and death penalty helper.


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more cases will lead to more coding > more coding means more complexity > more complexity leads to more waiting time.

I just suggest to add a bit (1 or 0 flag) to the record of a toon and some interface change to go with it.

Your idea is good... and we could even think of more !
could we change dynamically our permadeath flag ? why not ?
could we be resurrected for having attained a special status with the powers ? yeah !

but, let us stay realistic and suggest ideas that we could attain at first and enhance later.

What do you think, you all ?


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Permadeath is something I have been thining about myself. Question is how will this work when you still have plenty of "immortal" homins around. Why should I choose permadeath then?

I think it belongs to a group of things that is called "RP tag" here.


Also ressurection pact sounds good as other way to permadeath. Every teleport pact is also a ressurection one, just permadeath is missing. However:
- some will complain (loosing free ressurection points, need to pay, lost characters)
- payment itself change nothing because dappers are cheap (just one thing more to care about)
- it would not be that easy to introduce (a lot of work around)
- there have been some organizations establised with own ways of transportation (marauders, rangers) which means additional toubles (that makes ressurection pacts dead at this moment probably)


It depends on what High Powers want, after all. I think there must be a change in status quo first. Current peace makes High Powers to be open. If one side will start with resctrictions (like request payments for ressurection), it will be big disadvantage.

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It's not that much different from a player who would choose in his RP to never use the pacts as a rez. Only as transport tickets. And I am sure that some would come up with very good background stories about this.

Actually, from my point of view, being able to choose your destination by using a pact during your coma is just a QoL thing. Where is the RP logic in it ? Is the Kara/Kami guy in your brain asking you where you want to go while knocked out ?

How would it work ?
The characters would evolve amid the other characters, transparently. The only thing would be that they would not be rezzed by the K/K powers. The only way to get rezzed is by another character.

Why would you do this ?
For the fun ? For the thrill ? For the risk appetite ? For the fact that you can experience an new way to play ? Because it would promote more team play and more solidarity ? Because it is epic ?

Why would the devs do this ?
Because it gives players more opportunities. It gives players a new way to play without actually adding new content. Because it gives players more choice and more control on their character.

I could imagine two ways to manage the pacts issue.
The hard way: when you are in the coma, you cannot choose any rez point and your TP pacts are disabled. If you do not want to die, you better have someone coming to heal you.
The easy way: when you are in the coma, you cannot choose any rez point but you can use a pact. Except that when you arrive, you are still in the coma. (this is the easy way because you could TP to a location where someone will heal you).

I do not think it is a K/K powers issue. It is, probably, also not a lore issue. The example I gave above shows that TP pacts stories are already not so consistent. Another example : We pay the TP pacts with dappers. OK... But why do the powers even need dappers ? What are they doing with dappers ? Knowing the Kamis they probably eat them, but the Karavan !??

But it would give player more possibilities and change deeply the way to play for the players who choosed this, and that would be cool !

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... when you are in the coma, you cannot choose any rez point but you can use a pact...

I am still curious about options you have for marauders while they are unable to buy nor use any K/K pact.

Oh and what about the PvP?

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As this state would only be based on the will of the player at the creation of his character, I would say... no option.

Only the ability to rez would change. Nothing else. You play your character as any other character. Only, if he dies, he is lost. Period.

It's pure. It's simple. It's straightforward.
And it's of your own choosing.

You want to PVP while in permadeath ? Good for you ! But you choosed it ! Or go play another character.
You want to be a permadeath marauder character ? OK ! Follow the rules ! And do not come whining after (a Marauder never whines :P)

This is all about choices for the players ! And it gives many more possibilities to choose from.

Is this idea suitable for the beginner ? NO ! Clearly not. You need to know the game. You need a network, a community, some friends and a fair amount of courage. This is why older players and high level players can directly benefit from that. And the others would be fools ! But many fools have talent ! ;)

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Hi Alyani !

Resurrection is part of the background. It's a gift from Powers.

It was rare before the great swarm because at that time there was much more homins. So, nowadays, powers want you to rez !

But rez is not infinite. It appears than when they ages a lot, one day homin won't be rez. Or in more rare case a homin is not rez even if he was yet healthy. For example the mad king Jinovitch.

Also, rez needs a special network. If a homin would go far from newlands, rez won't be covered. This fact could be implemented in the future.

Anyway now, you may choose for yourself not to use your avatar. Or maybe ask for a rename and create a new background.
But maybe you'll need a gameplay counterpart of this permadeath risk ?

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Hi Namcha !

A member of the Lore team to answer my thread... It' a tremendous honour ;-)

Thanks for the details. I was a bit rusty on my lore lately so I had to revise. I read the text about the rez on the wiki (In french but didn’t find in English). And read some stories about Jinovich and others. It appears that a long list of homins died. For example, almost all the members of the "Force of Fraternity". And others.

And you confirmed that it is possible to create an RP background with permadeath. It's interesting.

But, yes, I would suggest creating a gameplay possibility. I explained some reasons above. There is one more : a relatively lone RP of permadeath would not be necessarily followed by the other players... some could even receive such an RP with disbelief ("you will not dare to delete your char !"). I guess it could even be the majority – which is quite understandable. But if there is an "official" possibility to have this gameplay, the community would react differently.

And, once implemented, the devs could build on it by adding a special title for example. Or a prefix before the title : Undying Master of the Blade or Epic Avatar of Destruction.

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Le soucis c'est que c'est Ryzom, pas Minecraft... Tu ne galères pas des mois, que dis-je, des années à grinder des mobs pour avoir un avatar un minimum abouti et pouvoir en plus de te déplacer facilement sur Atys, être aussi un minimum utile en pvp, pour tout balancer au wc parce que tu as eu la connerie de te croire plus fort que les autres... En revanche, je verrai bien cette idée se faire greffer à l'une des idées que j'ai proposé il y a quelques temps, celle de pouvoir incarner un fier kittin en jeu et donc de participer à nouveau à la naissance d'une faction et d'un gameplay non prévu de base dans The Saga of Ryzom.

Nan parce que rendre les armes de tirs plus réaliste ou annoncer le nexus rejesaisplusquoi, c'est sympa, mais je ne vois vraiment pas qui va revenir uniquement pour ça... Tant dis que pouvoir vivre une nouvelle vague de nouveauté tant au niveau du gameplay que de celui de l'humain et de son imaginaire, serait je pense, la seule chose qui pourrait écoper un minimum l'eau qui rempli l'bateau !

Surtout qu'à la différence de la faction maraudeur ou ranger, une hypothétique faction kittin ne serait pas trop soumise aux règles de gameplay qui font celui des homins. Mais bon si vous voulez du challenge, commencer par ne pas detag quand ça vous arrange ! :p

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They adopted this concept in Tremulous FPS, which is excellent.

Players are given choice to incarnate Alien or Human faction and fight each others ;)

Since we have shitty AI, we could use that to have an end game "ha ha" ..

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