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Hey.. I offered this company FREE hosting and better servers for FREE many years ago and they turned me down so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What do you try to say?

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"I'm someone who enjoys playing solo," Sounds very weird for a MULTI-players game.
The game is designed in a way that doesn't allow easy solo lvling, it's on purpose. It's about "cooperation" and "interaction" between players for everything.
And here, we are only talking about "regular" alts we haven't yet mentioned the cheaters that are not ban yet while everyone knows they cheat (using external tools to controls severals accounts).

About the 200+ bosses, there is camping (haven't seen people camp recently tho) but also you need to hunt/check to find them when they popped. If you don't check/hunt of course you won't see them.
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