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This game would be awesome on mobile, it is an slower paced game, the crafting, gathering is amazing.
It would probably be a success on mobile devices

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I thought, mayebe start by the craft and dig.

  • You could go (IG on PC) to a place to dig, then (on the phone) dig - seeing nothing but the source colors bars and sys info, your stanza.
  • Or craft with mektoub and zigs - as maybe enter in your flat ang GH could be more complicate - with just the "hand bar", I and the craft windows.
  • Perhaps it could have some interface to pack up one's things (without any need to travel to GH or our flat: access to I for toub, zig, apartement) - and, if you pay to Winch Gate, could eventually use 2 or 3 GH (with API keys)

are you a Android dev? can you  start it ?


a litte app (rather different has been developed), but some features crash: Ryztools has been implemented by a player.

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It is not a bad idea but how big the game is it would almost be impossible to have it be mobile

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Make it smaller, then.


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