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Having the ability to determine the greatest bulk, weight, quantity, and things like that of the items in your inventory would be very nice. Being able to have the lower quality or quantity of items at one end would be very useful for selling things rapidly, or using all items of a range for crafting for experience, would be useful. As a new player, I think this would help me to learn faster.

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I agree. That would be a nice addition to sorting options


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have you checked Bagapp ?More on

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It doesn't indicate if it is a "jewel setting", just that it is a seed, so it doesn't group their purpose together. Still useful for many other reasons, and a great app, just not what I was thinking.
I'm thinking that you could filter for "Magic Focus", and see psklopla buds, amber, and mektoub eyes as a group, as an example.

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Indicate in which way?

You look for something like this list of crafting parts on Ryzom Wiki or you would like something like your inventory sorted this way?

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Exactly. Having something like that in-game would be tremendously useful, especially to less experienced players.
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