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Upcoming update of Ryzom Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct will be updated in a few days. Here is a summary of the changes:

I.6. Account sharing
Adding clarification on the account owner's responsibility in case of abuse and more complete listing of examples of abuse.

II. Naming Policy
Adding a paragraph describing the rule for the naming of animals you own (mounts, packers, zigs).

III.2. Account piracy
Adding an exception so that those acting with the explicit agreement of the account owner will not be considered as performing account hacking (account sharing, screen sharing to solve a technical problem, etc.).

III.4 Multiboxing
Total rewriting of the paragraph ruling multiboxing:

III.4.1 specifies the general rule:
a) limitation to two simultaneously logged-in accounts during outpost battles, Bosses or Marauder Bosses hunts and Storyline scripted events, and tolerance to four simultaneously logged-in accounts during other activities.
b) physical restriction to two simultaneously connected accounts if the simultaneously played characters are not, undoubtedly for an observer, controlled one by one manually.

In case of doubt about the use of a bot, rule III.3 (Utilization of a bot) always applies.

III.4.2 gives details about a).

III.4.3 gives details about b), especially in case of large family.

III.5. Exploit
Adding an exception so that those who discover an exploit and report it immediately by email to will not be sanctioned, and clarification of the conditions.

III.8. Rules regarding Bosses, and Named mobs
Extension of these rules to Marauder Bosses.

III.9. Disrespect of the PvP rules
Rewording of the part (Rules regarding outposts, indent e) concerning the repetition of false declarations of war in order to clarify it.

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Se publica el nuevo Código de Conducta, puede consultarlo aquí y comentarlo a continuación.

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