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Occupations are missing from the marauder area of the game, as everyone knows. I propose a product that provides a minor pheremone 'spray' that the harvseter can apply. It would repel nearby friendly mobs and free the harvester from the stress of being teabagged by said mobs.

Every level would increase the effective timer of effect.

This would not effect aggressive mob actions.

Product ingredients obtained from the Egg Room in the Kitin's Lair.

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It has been a complaints for yearS.
I don't see it being implemented in a near (few years) future.

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Have you seen the roadmap?


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There's a major overhaul of marauder happening.


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Yes, I know.
The marauder project has been launched few years ago already. It's on the roadmap but it doesn't mean it will happen in the coming year.

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Still making a proposal.


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There's a major overhaul of marauder happening.
So there was last year, and the year before, and the year before.

Mob repellent is an interesting concept.

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Marauder occupations? Yes please.

Mob repellent? No thank you, I smell imbalance...

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I'm not sure how it would cause imbalance having herbies stay 25m away for a time. It would be nice to slightly lessen the chance of being the second course for aggro while digging.

I've noticed that suddenly I can no longer stop mid dig to nuke. I have to drop my mats to perform any actions. So I definitely feel like a repellent would be helpful. At least it would give me time to remember that I have to drop everything before trying to not die.


Homin Reaper Karavan

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What will those herbivores do meanwhile?

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Same as always, munch grass and potty. Just at a respectable distance and not while staring me in the eye. *shrug* I'm sure if something like this was a real thing there would be timers and limits to it. Also, as Coors stated, it wouldn't repel aggro mobs.


Homin Reaper Karavan

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If it will only prevent the animal to look (target) you, it will not prevent it from coming closer.

If it will actively make them go away, then I am afraid of exploiting that, like to stuck a tiny place with bunch of animals or that you can easily make herbivores to move into aggro or to a place it was not expected. What about animals surrounded by homins with such effect? Also animals have some routes and areas which makes it more complicated, even if it will be done some smart way. Plus this will be exclusive for one faction (however this is not important on Atys, the "land of plenty" :/).
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