#1 [en] 

please bring back the old animations for Celestial Guardian (lvl250 Master Healing Magic)
and Avatar of Destruction (lvl250 Master Elemental Magic)

for CG it was the beautiful "Angel" Animation and for AoD the awesome Fire Phönix.

Should be easy to bring them back right?
With todays Computer specs there shouldnt be any issues anymore.

#2 [en] 

Personally I dont like them all that much. Once the novelty wears off I find them excessive, especially the heal one.

If you ask around I'm sure someone still has required files to try them out for yourself. (unless you already have them?) of course they only show up for you.

#3 [en] 

Do you know which files it where exactly? Pretty sure i have them somewhere in an old backup of a client.

#4 [en] 

You can find both of them with some other graphical mods on under "graphical modifications". Just put the downloaded bnp in the user folder in your ryzom folder and restart your client :D


#5 [en] 

is it differ from famous magical_creatures_final zip file which have many of small files inside?

#6 [en] 

Nope, it's the same thing just in a 'cleaner' format


#7 [en] 

thx works perfectly :)

#8 [en] 

IIRC, it was just a placeholder animation for all the spells (one offensive, one defensive), before they made all the individual spell animations.

Although it would be nice to have the phoenix in enchants, since enchants look a bit boring right now. :)



#9 [en] 

Hmm no they had the healing one unlocked for reaching 250 in Heal with the celestial Guardian so only lvl 250 had it.

Same for reaching 250 in Elemental you got Phönix and Avatar of Destruction Title

#10 [en] 

But that was still only with the placeholder spell animation, right? The right hand with glowing stuff...

I don't recall ever seeing the phoenix in combination with the new spell animations. Just on modified Ryzom installs...



#11 [en] 

yes you might be right, its was so long ago.
Anyways would be lovely to have them build in and polished with the new stuff ;)
A task for a skilled sfx engineer hope there is already someone in the team *g*
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