#1 [en] 

I have realised the loss of fame has been reduced dramatically.

This is making it very difficult for me to turn my characters marauder. Upon comparing this to other recent changes in fame dynamics, i fail to understand why fame gains for every possible tribe and civilisation were ridiculously maximised (can max any civ or tribe with few missions, many of which consists of targeting single mobs) and fame losses to become marauder were drastically reduced.

A process that was already tedious is now dreadful (100s of clicks to lose fame were turned into thousands). And in whose interest?

I'm sure a lot of homins would argue if you want to turn marauder you must deal with the ridiculous game mechanisms for it, but this is not the case for any other faction and thereby not fair at all.

Please add a means for low level players to turn marauder without undergoing this silly clickery or do revert back to the tedious but endurable method.

Thanks for your attention.

#2 [en] 

maybe make killing guards or adepts lose more civ points, and the clickity bug should be fixed.



#3 [en] 

A nice suggestion in general but not addressing the point of giving alternatives (which were removed) for low level toons to become marauder.

#4 [en] 

I sit in meetings all day. Clicking a few thousand times along with killing guards was tendious and boring but I was bored anyway.

I wouldn't mind a way to get more than 50 points if we're going to talk about the faction.


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