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Now, that luckily the automatic translations of text came to some important ingame channels of Ryzom, and coming to more, I'd like to suggest to introduce the same feature to the forum for the postings which are not multi-lingual.

In order to safe translation requests, it usually should suffice to send the posting to DeepL once, and keep a translated copy for the other languages in the local forum database - to be displayed when a user with the appropriate language settings views it.

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Forum post translation works with Google Translate afaik, but it is already available (for normal posts and multi-lingual that don't have your language). It's just not available In-Game, probably due to Web-IG limitations.


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Of course, I can mark every thread and tell it every time I look at it "google, translate it". Yes, that works.

But it's one thing to always manually translate pages (even when it's in the browser's context menu) and threads rather than have the forum show automatically in the language(s) you are capable of making reasonable sense of - just like it works ingame.


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