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Nair-Governor Ailan,

The first sortie of a Federal Army squad from Bai Trykali was a great success and the marauders blocking the passage of the dark puddle have been dislodged. The road north is open again. We all congratulate ourselves on this first successful operation. Nevertheless, the system can still be improved and we are working in particular to improve communication between the different members of Bai Trykali.

Tor Lochi ! (For the lakes!)

Ambassador of the New Trykoth Federation

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Ambassador Eolinius for Nair-Governor Ailan only

Nair-governor Ailan,

I would like to report an increase in marauder attacks in the Lake district recently. The federal army Bai Trykali escorted Padger O Toogh of The Hawkers' Guild who wanted to go to Avendale to transport a heavy load through the Lochi. Especially since rumours were circulating that this load was the monthly takings of the Wheel of Fortunate Gubani from Fairhaven, which could attract a lot of covetousness. Bai Trykali, having the duty to ensure the safety of the citizens and residents of the federation, accompanied him despite the derogatory remarks of a certain trader of dubious acquaintances who demanded compensation for the journey. Tryka, Meer, Sella should not be part of his vocabulary, Bai Trykali does not compromise with the freedom of movement in the Lochi!

*Eolinius then smiles in a Ma-Dukian way*

Especially, Nair-governor Ailan, that this is not the best way to get currency, much to the regret of this stucco merchant, but I'll tell you more about that later. The escort moved towards Avendale and was then ambushed by marauders on a small island. Against all odds the marauders were repelled by Bai Trykali and the brave defenders who accompanied us. The transport arrived safely in Avendale and Padger O'Toogh had just enough time to park his fully loaded mektoub at the stables. But there were more marauders waiting for us and they trashed the place. Fortunately, in the fight, Padger 'dropped' a few million (a trifle of what she was carrying), which allowed her to get away while the marauders collected the money. The fight then continued to the bar in Avendale, which makes me wonder about the city alert system that was requested.

Coming back to the costs incurred, I draw your attention, Nair-Ailan, to the fact that the fight against marauders is not done with Slavenis flowers, nor with soft Sparàns, that it requires equipment and well-trained recruits. It would be disobliging and above all uncommercial for the attractiveness of the federation to ask for a fee from the people being escorted or protected.It would be much better, but this is only my opinion, to take the Dappers at the source, i.e. to increase the taxes on the implementation of the wheel of the fortune in Fairhaven, in view of the "ASTRONOMIC" value of Padger's load.

Tor Lochi !


Ambassador of the Federation of New Trykoth

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