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Hi All,

Recently I was re-reading Marauders description on official website. I found that sentence:
"In exchange, they benefit from specific services for resurrection and teleportation all around Atys and its warriors are offered unique rewards."
  • What are those specific resurection servicese?
  • What so specific about Marauders teleportation system?
  • What are those unique rewards?
Who would be so kind to enlight me about those three questions?


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The resurection services is specific to the marauders because it's not something granted by the powers (karavan or kamis).
The TP system is different than the others: Marauders don't use teleportation pact instead they have a crystal which contains all the location registered (player still need to acknowledge them). It means, you can't forget to buy pact back and loose the TP.This crystal use a charge system to be used, it can be reloaded at a specific npc in marauder camp (you need dappers as it's the case for pacts).
Unique rewards, that I don't know maybe they talk about the dress you can trade with your pvp points.

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Hi there Sinvaders, 

At first thank you for your reaction.
So far point 2 is then explaind and I can understand its 'uniqueness' now.

Then I am left with 1.5 other points now, imo, as I do not understad what resurection services??? What do you mean??

And last point 'unique rewards', is then still open :-)


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The resurrection is a mechanism that allows homins to be "resurrected" from an in-game death.
Homins don't have this ability natively, it is granted by the great powers (kara or kamis) to any homins. Without the great power, a death would be a death.

In case of the marauders, it is not clear (yet?) how do they resurrect. It is because the kara or kamis still wants them alive in the rootball? Or it is something else, another technology (linked to the matoxia? as the teleport tech seems to be using to?) ?
When a marauder resurrect, he can use his teleport as others faction do (crystal vs pact). In term of gameplay and to my knowledge their is no difference (apart for the TP) between res as marauder or res as kara/kamis.
To me, the main difference is related to "who/which/how" is behind the process.

For the reward, I still have no clue haha.

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Point 1 is only about Lore, I think. Searching in the wiki reveals the origin of the technology that allows Marauders to be brought back to life without the help of Kamis or the Karavan. Look up about a certain "Rinvar" ;)

To be honest, the marauders have a little less service than the others on the resurrection in terms of gameplay. Zinuakeen don't give any option to reduce DP. For that, you have to find a TP kami or kara and buy something at Jena or Ma Duk (so weird...).

"The warriors who offer unique rewards", it would be the maraud bosses and their armors? They offer them to whoever defeats them... Players who were marauders before the merger are also entitled to a unique title; but having unique titles can be done in other ways, without being a marauder.
The PvP dress option seems more valid. Not a big deal !
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