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KipeeCraft 1.2a is here!

This version is mostly identical with the latest Beta (if you were using it). A big big thanks to Magez who fixed and completed the postcraft files (to calculate the crafted item stats from the preview window) and also suggested the addition of a rite setting for durability calculation.

The largest improvement over 1.2 is the addition of a Wizard for the Evolver tool to make it less intimidating, it is now similar to the "Mollys Recipes" App. Give it a try and feel free to share some feedback!

To migrate your old version to 1.2a just copy your kc.ini file and your Recipe directory over to the new one (and your Databases, if you made any changes to it). Please refer to the Changelog for a complete list of changes since the last release.

Where can I get it?

You can download the latest version at the official homepage at mollylovescake.de/kipeecraft or use the official mirror at box.com. KipeeCraft is distributed as zip, 7zip archive and as self extracting archive.

The new version sucks!

It might behave different so you could be interested in a previous version. I started putting older versions in the beta directory, so have a look! I even included one of the first versions of KipeeCraft from 2006! You can download those from here http://www.mollylovescake.de/kcbeta/

Does it run on Linux / Mac OS?

KipeeCraft is a native Win 32 Application, it needs the help of another tool called "wine" from the Wine Project. Once you have set it up, KipeeCraft runs really nice on those systems aswell. See the homepage at mollylovescake.de/kipeecraft for more details.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged me to continue with the project!

Please contact me for questions, bugs and suggestions - you can reach me via mail (Feedback link on the page or inside KC) or post in this thread.


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yay, also.. erm.. i am ashamed to say... i left 4 mistakes in the postcrafts :{ (that i know of!!! /shameful)

medium bucker and shield @durability
* 1 to * 1.5
high bucker and shield @durability
* 1 to * 2

i added new bosses in my personal kcDB for purely amp research and was sad not to find 250 upgrades from new boss mats :(, but wow thats a lot of work adding them all in, all i can say is.. have fun? :P

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Materials and formulas can be updated by the player, I will look into these and probably update the data files myself accordingly. Thanks for mentioning!



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