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Cristabell, the Holeth, Harvestor 30, 4th AC 2616

Dearest Guide;

First of all, I ask for your support for two of our friends Eeri and Azazor Eridlo Mirihus, who are about to embark on a journey to the old lands. They are well known to us and have often helped us in the past. Your advice will probably be very useful to them, as well as the help of the rangers on the road to Oflovak.

In addition, Azazor has allowed me (according to the ambers of the Great Library) to draw up a draft map of the Old Lands which I submit to your wisdom in the attachment. It is, of course, a more or less artistic interpretation of our knowledge, but perhaps you could help us improve it before they leave, to help them achieve the objectives they have set themselves.

I also have another question, more personal if you allow me, to complete your personal amber: would you have a family link with Bremmen Dingle?

Thank you in advance, with my warmest regards,

Do'Ro Thee

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Woren siloy Do'Ro Thée

I am ready to meet your friends, even if I am very reluctant about such a journey.
The consciousness of homins born in the New Lands is shaped by the presence of the Powers. To leave for the Old Lands is to have to completely rebuild themselves to think and act in a entirely different way.
This is, of course, their right, but they are not alone, and who knows if their presence will not change the behavior of the kitins and endanger the Rangers who live there.
But I'll tell them all this in person.
I'll leave it to you to arrange that meeting.
As for Bremmen, he is my great-grandfather. Am I not Dingle enough to make that obvious?

Barmie Dingle
Ranger Guide

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Woren siloy, Barmie;

I have received your Izam, thank you. I think that Eeri and Azazor have fully understood the consequences of their decision, but they will tell you about it and their motivations much better than I can. We have agreed on the date of
Prima, Pluvia 7, 1st AC 2617(*) at about 10 am, at the bar in Thesos if that suits you.

I think moreover that they are not the only ones to think of our ancestral lands, many Rangers and homins had their curiosity on this subject awakened during the assembly which presented to you; even if our major concern remains, at the moment, the investigation on Orphie's death.

Do'Ro Thee

(*) Thursday, February 3rd at about 20:00 UTC

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Estimado Barmie,

Antetodo mis mayores respetos a Ud. y al cargo que ejerce como Guía de los Rangers... no obstante, me permito hacer evidente mi indignación al leer su respuesta.

Pareciera que para usted quienes poseemos un título de Ranger en las Nuevas Tierras, no somos verdaderos Rangers o somos indignos de tal y sólo jugamos a serlo.

Para todos los que estamos en este camino, evidentemente la presencia de los Poderes han influido en nuestras maneras de actuar, así como la presencia de las Naciones, pero sólo significan para nosotros otros entes con los cuales debemos mantenernos neutrales y cooperativos.

Y la batalla contra los Kitins no sólo no ha terminado sino que sigue viva tanto en las Tierras Antiguas como ahora en las Nuevas Tierras y es una batalla mortal. Eso lo sabemos todos aquellos que decidimos elegir la ruta del Ranger.

Con todo, con respeto y subordinación, quedo a sus órdenes.

Ranger de las Nuevas Tierras

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