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Creator of the event: Event-team.
Type of event: Race.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: , 11 March 20:00:00 UTC (4 months ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Marauders camp in Hidden Source.

Homins concerned: Marauders.
Synopsis: Akilia Ash Storm challenges the Marauders to finish not only alive, but also in the lead, on a trail full of pitfalls.

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Standing on top of a small hill, gripping her weapon glistening with fresh blood, Akilia Ash Storm looked with satisfaction at the hordes of predators around her, while in the distance she heard the distinctive hammering of a patrol of kitins ready to crush any creature that stood in its way.

With a satisfied smile on her lips, the leader of the Marauders clans turned her determined gaze to Mezix the Sorceress, her aide-de-camp: "This place will be perfect!"
Mezix looked doubtful: "Are they ready for this test?"
"They are Marauders! I require them to be ready. All of them."
"Good. In battle armor?"
Akilia laughed: "Stop cocooning them like this! I want them in light armor, nothing more. And let them know that the one who will be able to overcome all the dangers of the area and finish this race first will be deemed worthy of receiving a special title from me."
Mezix nodded: "As you wish! I am going back to the camp to warn our warriors. Will you come with me?"
Akilia turned her gaze to a group of vorax not far away and pointed her weapon at them: "Later. I'll stretch my muscles a little more before."

The Marauder leader moved swiftly towards her preys, while her aide-de-camp disappeared to the camp in Hidden Source.

Soon after, Akilia's call was relayed throughout the camp:
Marundak'h Warriors,

Akilia Ashstorm is calling you to the Camp in Hidden Source on 5h - Prima, Pluvia 1, 3rd AC 2617 (*) to challenge you. Come in light armor.
You will then teleport to the location of the challenge, still in light armor.
The one among you who will distinguish himself/herself by winning the challenge will have the honour to receive from Akilia's hands a special title.

Des Akilia !
Mezix the Sorceress,

* [OOC], 11 March 20:00:00 UTC (4 months ago)[/OOC]

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