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Dear players,

Role-playing has always been one of the driving forces of Ryzom, the one we offer you through scripted events but also the one you create every day by making your characters live.
We would like to remind you that your characters are part of the life of Atys and that you can call upon the animation team to organize your own event. To do so, we invite you to participate in a scenario contest that will be richly endowed and whose winners will see their scenarios played on Atys.


The animation team is organizing a scenario contest open to all Ryzom players from March 25 to April 24, 2022.
The proposed scenarios (1), to be sent as attachments to Tamarea, exclusively to the email address, will be studied anonymously by the animation team, which will elect the winning scenario(s) by voting among its members. Indeed, depending on the number and type of scripts received, one or more scripts in one or more categories may be declared winners.

All types of scenarios, regardless of size and theme, will be considered, the only constraints being that the scenario must be related to Atys and be compatible with the Lore.
If you need the advice of a "lorist" (member of the Lore team), you may request it at channel.
It is possible for any candidate to involve one of his own characters or his own guild in the proposed scenario.


  • The title of "Creative Spirit", granted for one year
  • An exclusive wig with a hat
  • Three thousand (3,000) elyps
  • The implementation of the scenario on Atys

Don't hesitate and come join the Creative Spirits of Atys!
The animation team

(1) Texts describing an event (or a series of events) in PDF, ODT, DOC, etc.

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Dear players,

First, we want to thank those who participated in our scenario contest. We were impressed by the quality of what you submitted.
We received very different scenarios that we have classified into two categories: large-scale scenarios, requiring one or more events to be played, and smaller-scale scenarios, scripting a one-time event or involving a limited number of player characters.

Our most sincere congratulations to


for the one-off events and


for the events sequences
whose proposals will very soon give rise to several events on Atys.

We also warmly congratulate Azazor, Elke, Homère, Kyriann, Zamoor and Zyklyt. Their proposals will be refined in collaboration with respective author so that they too can be transcribed if possible, before the next contest, into playable events.

We wish you a good game until then.
The Event Team
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