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Hi all,

A little while back i saw a post about streaming and something about ryzom chat in its own element on screen, so i decided to make something that would be usable in a streaming setting.
If you find any use for it besides streaming that would be great.

You need /chatLog to be ON ingame and the game open to recieve new messages. can also view chatlog offline but no updates.

I am confident it will work with the English Ryzom Client chatlog, for others i have no idea if the chatlog for anything other then english share the same structure.
If anyone could share a part of their chatlog with me, specially channel names like (SAY)(SHOUT)(TELL)(REGION)(GUILD)(UNIVERSE)(DYN1)(DYN2) etc, that would be great.

Features of the program (Currently Beta):
- The program will read your Chatlog Live and display the conversations in the program window.
- You can filter channels you don't want displayed, for RP you could for example only show /say and /shout
- You can customize how many messages you want to display
- You can customize text color, font, size and have it bold (if there's a request for it i can add italic, underline or strike-through), Currently you can only change the default channel colors by editing the settings.ini.
- You can the display of channel names before the message or not, or 'name says:' in staid of just their name.
- The window is resizable the text will adjust.
- With OBS Studio the window can be made transparent if you have a need for such a thing, like for example your own graphical background decoration or frame.
- I would like to add all the languages supported by Ryzom, currently i have english and french, i did french with google translate and plan to do the remaining languages that way as well. please point out mistakes or shorter sentences (program text only).

File may get flagged as harmful by your antivirus
VirusTotal Report 11/67 flag it
Ofc i can tell you its guaranteed safe but i'd be biased :P

OBS Studio Example:

Settings English

Settings French (google translated)

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You are missing some of the chat groups from common/src/game_share/chat_group.cpp#L24

DYN# can also go up to 8



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You are missing some of the chat groups from common/src/game_share/chat_group.cpp#L24

DYN# can also go up to 8

Not sure if i have come across channels like civilization and territory

I added Dyn1 and Dyn2 as default for uni+locale and faction as i am not sure what dyn3+ would be besides custom channels, the code does already include upto Dyn8 in case they are added manually.


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