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Creator of the event: Event team.
Type of event: Cultural meeting.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: , 12 May 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Agora, Pyr, Burning Desert.

Homins concerned: Fyros patriots, Ambassadors, Empire friends essentially. But the event will be open to all players and opposition will be allowed to propose their version of history.
Synopsis: The Academy organizes an event of discussion around the Fyros culture. All player characters are invited to come listen or present their artistic creations to contribute to the greatness of the Empire.

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Right in the middle of Pyr, a bill poster is challenged by a passer-by:
"Hey, what the hell is this? We have to tell each other stories now?
– Oh, you know, I'm just putting up these posters for the academy. I don't know any more about it.
– Don't you think we have better things to do? The Empire won't run without its dedicated workers.
– But here, it says it's to tell the story of the Fyros people. That could be interesting and fun.
– Ah, if it's about talen and the greatness of the Fyros people, then all right! I'll come and listen to the glorious anecdotes and tales."

The bill sticker nods and points to the stack of posters in his cart.
"Thank you. Then we'll get to it. I have to finish pasting all this stuff, and I have to put some in Thesos and Dyron too. Have a great day.
– Good day!"

Cultural meeting on 9h - Quarta, Folially 10, 3rd AC 2618 (*)

Fyros and friends of the Empire,

It is a tradition to pass on the greatness of the Empire to our younger generations. To uphold one of our pillars, Talen, and to spread the glory of the Empire, the Academy is hosting an evening dedicated to the listening of the history of our people.

To all Fyros and friends of the Empire: Come and tell your story, or tales and legends you wish not to be forgotten!
The Fyros are a glorious people, and no one should doubt it!
Euphanix Apotheps
Chancellor of the Imperial Academy

(*) [HRP] on , 12 May 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago).[/HRP]
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