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The current game design specifies that an outpost is assigned a random material level from 150, 200, or 250 for a period (1-2 months) regardless of its level (level of the region and thus the strength of the guards).

Thus, an OP in a level 50 region may have a material level of 250 and an OP from a level 250 region may have a material level of 150.

I plead for the material QL levels to be aligned with the area again as before and not to be random.


1. small OPs were a way for small guilds to participate in the OP system without getting heavily involved in the wars of the big ones. Even if this did not happen often, this possibility existed. Now all OPs are interesting for the big ones. Small guilds cannot win a 250 OP. Big guilds are bored with 50 OPs.

2. it is not rewarding to build up a guild and strengthen it to the point of capturing and holding a 250 OP that then only produces 150ish mats.

3. randomness vs. performance. The increasing randomness in the game hinders planning, goal-oriented activity and thus alignment of a guild. This is a step too far at this point.

I ask all those who agree with the "motion", whether they do it for my reasons or have their own, to make it known here.


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I am in favor of your 'motion'.

Randomising quality of output is 'unfair', as you stated: where is the logic of attacking ql250 to receive ql150 mats?
Altho for small Guilds it maybe hard to get 250's a 'semi' random system could be implemented.
For example on 150 OP drop table may look like:
10% chance for 250
20% chance for 200
70% chance for 150
While for 250:
10% chance for 150
20% chance for 200
70% chance for 250
Or something like that.

just my two dapers.

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C’est justement tout le principe!
Et limiter un peu plus l’accès aux matières d’OP en les rendants un peu plus précieuses qu’avant.
C’est du challenge pour tous. Si une « petite guilde tombe sur du Vedice 250 en attaquant un op150, ça va vite se savoir et à vous de trouver le bon OP à attaquer.
Après, sachez que, si j’ai bien compris, en zone 150, 50% des op se voient changer de matière et qualité.
Je le sais, celui qu’on a repris avec ma petite guilde m’a rendu les meme matières q150 ^^


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@Jazzy: I don't really understand what you mean. This does not restrict access to OP material, but only distributes it more randomly and unfairly.

How can word get out that a guild has a 250 OP, while silence about it is the best protection against attack?

"Hey I'm looking for a 250 maga OP to attack, what else does your OP produce?".

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