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Hello Atys; I understand that this request will most likely go unanswered ((again) not the easiest, and probably not worth the effort)) but I am looking for the following (Q259 Fine are the gaurds for Q270 Kirney boss - Q250 Excellent Igara skins are from Pei-Ruz's campsite):

Total Quantity: 600 Total Dappers: 1.5 million - at least 100 of each of the following 6 mats:

Fine Q259 Kinrey Tail

Fine Q259 Kinrey Secretion

Fine Q259 Kinrey Shell

Fine Q259 Kinrey Mandible

Fine Q259 Kinrey Sting

Excellent Q250 Corrupted Igara Skin

If the Igara skins quantity is not possible (then at least 50) but I figured I might as well ask for assistance and then just make multiples of what I need until the end of my days ????



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