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Maybe my Google foo is just bad but couldn't find anything. So, why not write one, right? :)

Foundations were poured, here's a snippet:

2022/06/16 08:37:06 UNI * Bartender says: hello
fr: hello
2022/06/16 08:37:22 UNI * Bartender says: (I can't wait to stop asking for stuff :/ )
fr: (vivement que je n aiplus besoin de demander des trucs :/ )
2022/06/16 08:37:43 UNI * (CSR) Jadeyn says: Hello Bartender. :-)
2022/06/16 08:37:50 UNI * (CSR) Jadeyn says: Is there a problem ?
2022/06/16 08:38:35 UNI * Bartender says: .{EE3F}[08:38:23] You say: .{4F4F}time difference problem yes lol ... I lack proper equipment :-))
fr: .{EE3F}[08:38:23] Vous dites : .{4F4F}probleme de decallage horaire oui lol ... je manque d equipement correcte du coup :-))
2022/06/16 08:39:05 UNI * Bartender says: only french speaking among americans, australians and so on ))
fr: seul francophone parmi des americains, australien et cie ))
2022/06/16 08:39:19 UNI * (CSR) Jadeyn says: :-D

Yes, mess copy/pasting makes still needs addressing. Or maybe we can get a fix on a 'system' level [wink wink nudge nudge].

Now, as far as limited checking goes, it seems to work. Bit more scouring of raw logs needed but so far, so good.
However, I have no idea how a chat log would look for somebody that has language set to something other than English.

So, if any such kind soul out there could spare few minutes and provide a sample, it'd be appreciated. Just few lines will suffice as long as they capture the actual chat. And only use lines that contain '(UNIVERSE)' and translation. You will recognize translation by tokens like '{:fr:', '{:gr:', etc. This will also ensure nothing that isn't already public gets published ;)

2022/06/16 08:41:09 (UNIVERSE) * @{EE3F}Bartender says: @{F80F}{:fr:))}@{ ))

Once I'm kinda happy with it, it'll be of course freely available on GitLab.

Thank you

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What could be done with such a tool? Is it just for better formatting?


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Not for me to say :) Whatever you want.

I will use it to look at languages a bit, they are sort of a hobby. The other case is I often leave client running and go do something else. When I come back I usually don't want to scroll back and read what was said. Drop a line in TEAM upon leaving, one on return and parser can just show me what I've missed when I do want to catch up.

Maybe I will add damage parser at some point. Not particularly interested but if core is set it could be done fairly easily.
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