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The screenshots are gone with the old faulty hard drive, it was a long time ago, probably 6 or so years ago, but what came to my mind.
He quite often spent a lot of time in /afk mode next to the kami teleporter in Pyr. There was even such a word: "the statue of Azad in Pyr". And sometimes in uni there was question "Who stole the Azad statue from Pyr?" when he either logged out of the game or was busy with something else.

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Azad started as a young Heavy Armsman in a Guild called Order Of The Nameless.

He was always helpful and quickly became a High Officer.

Never afraid to lead into the unknown, conquer the dark secrets of this living world.

Standing strong with his trusty Waving Sword, waiting for people to question their sanity due to its sound effects...

Slaying creatures as needed. Never backing down.

A rare sight.

Even in the largest crowds Azad can be seen, leading everyone with brave courage.

And even if the path went through a lady's bath, he never stopped...

He was also blending in with the crowd. Can you find him?

And to this day he can be seen conquering kitin lairs...

... somewhere ... sometime ...

Thank you for everything.



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Great pics ... thx Arc.

Talven, Elvish and Azad were the 3 founding members.


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Azad Memorial Ceremony PDF %20Azad%20.pdf

Azad Memorial Cermony MP4 te.mp4

Azad In Real Life

Carrickfergus Castle Festival Documentary

Azad was into Historical Battle Re-enactments, making historical Armor and Weapons for the castle and GoT and was an extra (wound up on cutting room floor) in Game of Thrones.

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I just saw this...

when I came back to the root I've always thought where are the familiar names I've always seen, interacted in uni, crack jokes and small talks in region chat and some occasional meeting while being chased by carnivores 2 years ago :( 

1 has already been answered and it wasn't good news.. R.I.P azad



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