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tydamus March 25th, 2007 07:07 AM

[SUPPORT] Please Read Before Posting
Hello there!

This is a reminder to those new refugees who are experiencing some difficulties and are seeking out help.

If you are having account or billing issues, the Account Support subforum (this one) is the correct location. You may use this method or email the Billing Team at billing-ee@ryzom.com (Billing Team operates normal GMT+1 business hours).

For help regarding the Ryzom Ring, which is the in-game scenario editor, please use the Ring Support subforum here. More information regarding this feature can be found at www.ryzom-ring.com. You may also discuss ideas and schedulings at the Ring General forum here.

For general Technical Support, please click here. Before posting, please be sure to check all stickies and recent posts in order to see if a solution to your problem already exists. You may use this method or email support-ee@ryzom.com.

You can also contact a Customer Support Representative via the live chat program CeB, or by submitting an in-game support ticket via the Support Tool. To find out how, please visit www.ryzom.com/support.


The methods listed above are for support provided in the English Language for the Arispotle (EE) game server.

For French-speaking support (Aniro FR server), please click here.

For German-speaking support (Leanon DE server), please click here.

All times are GMT +2. The time now is 09:29 AM.

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