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calebrie October 5th, 2006 12:43 AM

This Forum - Please Read
Welcome to the Scedules forum!

This forum is for organising and advertising the timings of Ring scenarios and tests. Any other discussion should be kept to other forums.

If advertising a Scenario, I suggest including the following information:

* Date and Time, with the time in at least GMT and any other relevant timezones you think nessecary. This thread should give you the relevant timezone information for you. For official events we generally tend to use GMT/BST/EDT as a base, and let people work out any other timezones from there, although this is completely your decision.

* A brief description of the scenario, perhaps including the category and if it is a mastered or non-mastered.

* What conditions/level range/filters are on the scenario. Is it filtered for Kami followers only for example? Is it for only levels between 51 and 100? Which server(s) will it be limited to? Is it a scenario that won't display on the Terminals at all unless you are given an invite in advance?

* Is the scenario is a test run or a full run?

If you include these things, it should make it clear for others. Good luck with your scenarios!


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