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legokid November 23rd, 2006 04:51 AM

The Honoring Ceremony
Long, long ago when Atys was young the Dark Lords appeared the greatest threat of Atys had come. Unsure of their plan Jena and Ma-Duk decided to grant homins from each race a element and mastery of a skill.

The Dark Lords fell but with a cost, the Guardians fell as well but lucky they had kid so their power was transfered to them. Unluckly the Drak Lords returned to darkness alas only for one generation, it seem that it took one year for the Lords to return to power.

Sadly to this day we can't stop the Dark Lords and some how they return but now we have the power of Atys, all Peace, Trust and Love, not to metion the power of the homins.

So every year the Guardians go to the grand Nerax alter, the birth place of the Guardians, tho we have already honored them we would like to invite all of Atys to honor Jena, Ma-Duk, their teachers, and the Guardians.

Location-The Sacred Wind Tribe (by the Ring gateway and open to all severs)
Time&Date-4 GTM Saturday the 25
Type-StoryTelling...No fighting.
Open to-All homin kind, Kami, Neutral, Karavan (NO FIGHTING!!!)

Afterwards you are welcome to stay and chat or you may even give a short speak to honor the Guardains or Ma-Duk and Jena and their followers (No speaks that are offensive to the other followers will be accpeted. This is a meeting of peace.)

I hope to see many of you there and yes speaks of fallen great homins or people are welcome :)

zangan November 23rd, 2006 05:02 AM

Re: The Honoring Ceremony
Yes!! I'll do my best to attend! I am very interested in how you are to preform your ceremony, so I will be there..hopefully..:D

Sounds great!

legokid November 25th, 2006 10:11 AM

Re: The Honoring Ceremony
I haved talked with my beloved and now I can give you a summary of what shall happen.

I shall meet all of you outside the camp while Cin'Lone and the other's light the holy flames and take their places. Sadly after practicing we have discovered that the speak that the Cerrmony is based on is long but time wise is short.

Now anyone is welcome to give a speak about a great fallen homin. Sadly once the ceremony is over that is really it, we can stay and talk for visit the tribe tho there isn't much to see and as for the land it is kind of bare.

I'm sorry I wanted to make this ceremony great but alas it is more of a tale told by Kami, Karavan and Guardians, I speak little =P *sigh* At the moment we are still building but I think it will be ok for a first visit.

legokid November 26th, 2006 02:21 AM

Re: The Honoring Ceremony
*sigh* I fear I got my time wrong, I'm no good at GMT times and it turned out I need to do some more speach tuning, so I plan on holding the ceremony again next weekend.

Hopefully everything should be well tuned...Sorry about the mix up.

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