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Re: Things We Would Love To See Added/Changed

Originally Posted by dakhound
more space for my boss mats without having to create loads of alts!

I too store a lot of items/mats on alts.

How about the ability to rent wherehouse space in ciites.
Say 1M dappers per 10K bulk per month ( RL time ).
Say in 1K bulk increments with max of 1M bulk.
Make it real easy to pay rent and increase/decrease storage amount --- after all the wherehouse business caters to its clients.
Allow the owner of the account to allow access to as many other players as he wishes.
Allow the player to let whole server have access for a limited time.
Allow the wherehouse to have a fire sale of all items at whatever % of normal vendor prices for a 10% take.
If a player falls behind in rent, he must catch up on the rent before anything can be removed -- of course the wherehouse operators will take items at vendor prices for payment or partial payment of rent.
Allow anyone with access to the wherehouse to make up back rent if necessary.
Allow players to have as many wherehouses rented as they like and access to as many wherehouses as others will let them have.
Possibly consider having the wherehouse system linked in all cities or at least across a civilzation with an advanced TP system capable of having all items available at all wherehouses. After all we are paying for premium services.

Players could still use alts for free storage but i think the ease of use of a storage system like this would be very attractive even at somewhat high storage costs.
It'ld also put all those extra dappers to use.

On the issue of bags vs tabs/pages/shelves.
I like the idea of both.
Think having 10 pages easily accessible with numbers 0-9 and "all" at the top of an inventory screen would be nice.
Then let me decide what I want to store on what page.
The current filters are nice but bags and pages would be nice too.

On the issue of having a 250-300 mob level zone.
Wouldn't Nexus be nice for that?
And change it too a PR zone too.
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