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All Cheng-Lo Prison Guards on High Alert!

ATTENTION: Time has been changed from 2pm pst to 3pm pst.

Attention: All Zorai Guards On High Alert

Recently there has been an increase in Goo near the Cheng-Lo Prison. As is well known the Cheng-Lo Prison is the holding place for members of the Black Circle. Word has it that the black circle has developed a way so that goo affected animals will not attack members of the tribe. We think that they might be planning for an escape of several high ranking members of the tribe. All guards at the Cheng-Lo prison should be extra observant over the next few days and report any suspicious activity the prison warden. Should an escape occur, the use of full force is encouraged.

This is a R2 scenario I will be running Saturday Nov 4, 2006 at approx. 3pm PST.

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