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Smile Firewine Springs Grand Opening!!!


I am proud to announce my beloved Firewine Springs Grand Opening! As a little celebration, I will have events all next week, they are as follows.

Friday-Sunday: Grand Opening!! Anyone may come and have a good time as they please. This activity will continue until Monday night or unless someone wants to book a reservation. Also, I'll be recruiting anyone interestd in the weeks activities or for a longer period.

Monday: Absolute Unlimited Firewine!! Drink of the first day of the week. Will have dancers and whatever kind of entertainment, hopefully a comic, I can find.

Tuesday: Mens' night! Lot o' dancers! Come watch as those Tykers shake them hips!

Wednesday: Your turn Ladies! Beefed up Fyros dancers and possibly a Matis band if I can find one...( as requested, see I DO listen )

Thursday: Singles Night! Come a try this new revolutionary style of dating! Sure to have a blast! ( No cheating on your spouse to come now!! )

Friday: Romantic Evening.. Take your spouse out for a treat or take the one you met on Singles Night out on a more 'traditional' first date.

Hows this sound? It is all subject to change and I can't garuntee I'll be ready in time or if my scedule will allow me to attend them, but I shall do my best!
Also, the weeks events are all free of charge, just I would ask you to fill out a survey I'll have posted here. And anyone interested in the entertainment end, I will most likely unable to pay you much. But after the first week, If I get a good crowd, I may charge a small fee that I'll use to pay the entertainers with.

I shall also be accepting donations this first week to jump start the whole process! So please, give generously.

Thats this, hope you all like it and PLEASE!! I'm in desperate need of entertainers and servers...after this first week of pure role-playing enjoyment, I shall hope to pay you.

Tell me what you think!!
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