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Re: The Kitin Secret - Nothing is what it seems

Artifex is Karavan and I found it quite enjoyable. The puzzles were challenging without being too difficult, except for the one that trapped Artifex in the scenery (which has been fixed). I was actually my own worst enemy, going after a couple of red herrings.

As far as the lore goes, being a Tryker, I just figure the Kami are a bit mad so I have some skepticism about anything I learn from them. For all I know, everything he saw was faked by Kami magic. Of course from the Kami perspective Artifex may have just been so deceived by the evil Karavan that he could not recognize the truth when he saw it.

All in all, a good game. I would recommend it to anyone, especially low level characters. While I was killed a couple of times, once was just because I was too slow when I tried to use Invulnerability and once was due to a bug that caused a kitin to move at lightning speed. If you are more careful than I was, a brand new character should have no more trouble than I did. Most of the monsters could have killed me easily, but thinking a bit and having patience allows you to avoid personal combat entirely.

Try it.
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