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Re: The Sacred Wind Oasis

Originally Posted by legokid
Gooday all Homin kind, as some of you know I am opening The Guardians tribe to all homin kind. Our tribe is a tribe of peace and no war, here Karavan and Kami live in peace with one another, now I just have a few rules.

1.This is be the home where Cin'Lone and I will raise our child and we don't want any fighting among the Kami and Karavan follower.

2.At the current moments the tribe is small and not much danger...Tho their is a bandit tribe in the far corner. (we suggest you leave them alone)

I have no plans on letting my new home becoming a war zone so our tribe and area where we live is a area of peace and I won't accept fighting!! If you dare threaten my wife or my family I can promise you that you will face the power of the Guardians and the Karavan/Kami.

Information on the opening date and what will be going on will be post tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again.

Just out of curiosity, how do the Kami and Karavan leave in peace? They hate each other.
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